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Are you moving out of state?  I am here to help.  Allow me to introduce myself...   My name is Mark Spangler.  I am the owner and sole operator of Lone Wolf Trucking.  Although household goods are my specialty, the occasional car, piano, or argon laser pose no problem!

Car loaded in box.
Photo courtesy Mark Spangler.

I am a true owner-operator, which means I own the business and personally provide the services.   I do not represent any van line or employ other drivers.   From your first phone call, to the delivery and setup of your furniture, I am the person you will work with - start to finish.

Why Lone Wolf Trucking?

Do you want to try and get answers to your important questions from a salesperson who may transfer you from one extension to another, who may promise to call you back but never does?  Or would you prefer speaking to someone who not only can answer all your questions with one call, but who will also be onsite, managing the handling of your belongings from pickup through delivery?  Would you rather hope that the answers you get from "those" sales people are accurate while you wait for an unknown driver to pick up your goods?   Or, would you prefer working with the person who makes the company policies and can help you with your needs without having to "call the boss"?

Be Smart

  • Be a smart consumer.  When shopping for a mover, remember that you are purchasing a service, not a product.   Quality service is dependent upon the skills of the provider. You aren't buying a bar of soap, after all. Looking for the lowest price isn't likely to end up being the bargain that you hoped for.
  • Have you checked your prospective movers for a proper interstate license number?   Mine is .   Have you checked with a business bureau?
  • You have invested time and money over the years in acquiring your possessions.  Shouldn't you take care in finding the best mover you can afford to move them?  After all, if you didn't care about your belongings, why would you bother to take them with you when you relocate?

    My rates are fair, and my years of hands-on experience combined with detailed information from you will help make your move as smooth as possible.

first picture of the rig
Photo courtesy Del Shaw.

second picture of the rig
Photo courtesy Del Shaw.

Other Costs

Think about the potential additional cost of your moving process beyond just the mover's quoted rates.  How long will it take to have your things delivered? Will you have an extended hotel stay and extra meals to pay for while you wait?

  • For whole-household shipments, I can deliver your belongings in a very timely manner and will work closely with your schedule to provide convenient and accurate pick up and delivery dates.
  • For smaller shipments which require combination with other small loads, I will do my best to get your things to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Safe Delivery

Do you want your belongings to arrive at your new home safely? So do I! It's not only in your best interest, but mine as well. To prevent damage, your upholstered furniture will be stretch-wrapped and all furniture is padded when placed in the truck. Do you need your heirloom dishes packed?  I can do that as well as pack everything else, if need be.  If you wish to save on your overall moving bill, you have the option of doing some or all of your own packing. If you wish to pay an additional charge for materials and labor, I can pack for you.

What if, despite all precautions, something goes wrong?  I am insured as required for licensing. If I break something that I packed, or damage any of your furniture then I expect to pay for it or have it repaired.  I will be fair to you and I expect you to be fair to me as well, including an honest representation of the value of any damaged item.

Final Words

Still worried about working with an individual?  Do you feel that some mega-corporation will be more likely to treat you as a person instead of a number in the system?  Have you found some super slick internet-based mover with the best website you've ever seen, but no phone number to contact in case of a problem, no way of knowing what city they're in? With my company, you have an alternative!

As for the mover with the ridiculously low quote, Be Smart!  Ask the right questions.   Verify their claims elsewhere.  Check up on them.

If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.


Do you have questions for me? Are you ready for a quote now? I would appreciate your phone call as I will have questions for you about your shipment. One call can take care of a lot of details that would otherwise involve multiple emails. Call me "old-fashioned", but I prefer the phone to a cold, impersonal computer screen when trying to get to know a prospective customer and his or her needs.  Remember, I am providing a service. You can email some big company about the aforementioned bar of soap, but when trusting your life's possessions to be cared for in transit, wouldn't you like to have answers to your questions from a knowledgeable and reassuring voice?

Thank you for your interest,  
Mark Spangler

Lone Wolf Trucking
Alamogordo, New Mexico
1-800-982-9505 or 575-434-9744
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